River of Life Community Church began officially in June 2022 when two local churches joined together.

Langney Community Church and The Well Community Church, through prayer and deliberation, followed Gods leading and brought the two churches together into one family.

Both have been worshipping in and serving the area of Langney and Shinewater for 30 years and have a passion to continue that ministry going forward.

God showed us that the merging would be like 2 rivers that feed the Amazon. Both are different colours, and they flow distinctly until eventually they blend into one colour. We are working our way through this blending time as we shift cultures and patterns to accommodate the ‘new’. God continues to be so faithful as we walk this new journey together.

We have identified 5 values that are fundamental to our church.

We seek to:

  • Experience the presence and power of God in our times together.
  • Encourage people to grow in their identity as children of God.
  • Equip the Church so each person grows and matures in their faith, continually developing their walk with Jesus.
  • Empower and expect every Church member to use their spiritual gifts and talents to fulfil their God given roles and purposes.
  • Engage with our communities, sharing the love of Jesus through friendship, activities and acts of kindness, desiring that all will discover and accept the free gift of grace in Christ Jesus.